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A 420 voice for Toronto Council

A strong voice for Cannabis in Canada has begun -weedtheband

Toronto Promoter to seek vacant Council seat for Etobicoke North Ward 2 held by the late Rob Ford - Rock And Roll Canada

I have had a long love affair with the Cannabis community for a very long time and I think that it’s about time local government and cannabis tie the knot. A Voice for Cannabis on council I Glen Smith intend to seek vacant seat for Etobicoke North Councilor Ward 2

The City of Toronto dawn’s the age of Legal Cannabis in CANADA. I am offering my experience to the city of Toronto. Going to the store to buy weed is something all Canadians are going to Love. There are close to 100 dispensaries in motion as we speak in Toronto alone. The city of Toronto must actively engage in the process to legalize Marijuana starting now.

On Monday May 09, 2016 I will visit the City Clerks office in Toronto to submit the Nomination forms.

I have been a federal candidate in 2 Canadian Elections, a small business owner, and a medical marijuana patient.

Glen Smith